The Walking Dead #80

A comic review article by: John Giltinan
Sometimes it is hard to review a comic of consistent high quality like The Walking Dead. Praise can become repetitious while there are precious few, if any, things to criticize. Essentially, what I am trying to say is that this is another stellar issue The Walking Dead.

Surrounded by a herd, the survivors make preparations for a long siege which includes rationing food and arming against threats. This is a scene done in many stories featuring an invading force,and Kirkman uses this time to explore how the cast of characters have changed since they have found a home. Relationships are at the forefront and not all of them seem poised for a happy outcome. There are illicit affairs, concern over a loved one’s safety, and the likelihood of a lot of hurt feelings come next issue. The only couple that seems alright is Michonne and Morgan who are slowly becoming comfortable with each other.

Adlard’s art is still great. Though he does not get the opportunity to draw many zombies here, there are some scenes that Adlard draws in such a way as to be more unnerving than any undead ghoul could be. One such scene in this issue is when Ron, the son of the abusive man Rick shot, confronts Carl late at night about the killing. From Carl’s perspective, The Walking Dead is a haunting story about the loss of innocence and with it nearly everything kind and good in the world.

Kirkman is never short on ideas when it comes to The Walking Dead, each story arc makes for an engaging read and “No Way Out” looks to be a thrilling ride. The setup holds the opportunity for many encounters with the undead and painful emotional confrontations. The Walking Dead is one of the most exciting comics on the shelf, so do yourself a favor and pick up an issue.

New readers can feel free to grab and go from this issue, but for the most satisfying experience it is always best to start from the beginning. Watching these characters develop from their induction is one of the great joys of this comic. I say, buy it.

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