Batwing #5

A comic review article by: Ray Tate

Massacre continues his war against former African heroes The Kingdom. This time he sets his sights on the Kingdom's headquarters, now being re-opened as a museum. Can Batwing save all who attend this gala celebration?

It's clear to see why ChrisCross substituted for regular artist Ben Oliver last issue. He needed the rest. Winnick runs Oliver through some wicked paces. These include scenes of massive scope, smaller moments between Officers Okuru and Zavimbe and a guest appearance by Batman himself.

The New Dynamic Duo

Winnick builds more on his new villain Massacre. At first, Massacre seemed like just an average, dangerous nut. Then Winnick introduced his rationale as well as superior ability that sent Batwing to the medical wing of his Batcave. Because Batwing and Batman have yet to stop Massacre, the criminal's activities escalate, just as a real life felon's crimes would.

Winnick characterizes Batwing and Batman as detectives. Even when in the thick of battle, both men offer insights into the case, track down the perpetrator and see through Massacre's latest tactic. Winnick also spotlights Batman's and Batwing's status as protectors, not just avengers. The safety of the innocent is their main concern. Of course, this requires them to beat the snot out of Massacre's henchmen, which leads to much visceral entertainment.

Broken Skulls



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