Super Dinosaur #7

A comic review article by: Dylan B. Tano

Super Dinosaur #7, brought to you by Robert Kirkman and Jason Howard moves forward like one big setup. Kirkman plays chess in this issue, setting up pieces to fall, foreshadowing his next big plot points and unveiling some minor surprises along the way that I won't spoil here. 

The issue opens up with Squidious being ejected by The Exile from his aquatic domicile and quickly switches over to Derek and SD running a training sequence. Kirkman uses this scene to show his armor is new and totally functioning as well that the team is taking it up a notch. Think of it as a montage. 

Things have settled down a bit for team Dynamo in this issue. Derek and Erin put their wheels to the test, but all does not sit well in the house of Dynamo. Dexter is struggling with his memory loss and the fact he can't find his wife. Kirkman is setting up for the next story arc here, Dexter is at his breaking point and it shows in his private moments during this issue. He has to find his wife and by the end of this issue Kirkman will show you just what lengths he is willing to go to. 

Castle Maximus has a quick snippet as well, which may not be more than a few nicely colored pages, but sets up a rather... surprising turn of events. Maximus has been hard at work on a contingency plan in case of his capture and Kirkman rolls it out simply and bluntly to a dramatic effect for the remaining Dino-Men.

Howard directs these turns of events with eloquent strokes of his pen. He bounces from the brightly colored, elaborate style of Dynamo Dome to the dark, dreary Castle Maximus without skipping a beat. The detail behind each character is strong in this issue. Everyone stands out, but still maintains an overall theme. I particularly liked the Dino-Men reaction shot to Maximus' surprise. 

Kirkman and Howard continue to work well together, they have a great understanding of each others strengths and weaknesses and there isn't a moment where anything feels out of place. Howard's armor designs are on display during one wide spread and I can't wait to see SD put them to use. 

Of course there is a third party at play here, The Exile. He's added a fully healed Tricerachops and a plethora of Shark-Men to his arsenal and he has a dastardly plan to enter Inner Earth. Kirkman continues to dangle Inner Earth as the prize destination, the goal everyone is working toward. 

All in all, this is a setup issue and Kirkman doesn't bother to try and hide it. It works well in that respect, giving the heroes a moment of respite while the ne'er do-wells plot and scheme. Some minor surprises highlight the issue but nothing earth shattering. It was an enjoyable issue and I look forward to where they are taking the story next. 



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