Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #14

A comic review article by: Ray Tate
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #14 is a testament to the way you can relate a traditional superhero versus supervillain story without leaving behind a stale aftertaste.

As Mysterio robs armored cars and exposes innocent people to his hallucinogenic gas and Captain Stacy calls in Peter Parker, the Amazing Spider-Man and Chat, Peter's girlfriend, a mutant who can communicate with animals, Paul Tobin lets you learn something about the characters. Spidey prefers vanilla ice cream. Chat's favorite flavor is something more adventurous. Captain Stacy hoped Peter and Gwen would become a couple.

Tobin adds humor to the plot that's sold by Matteo Lolli's animated artwork. The scene where Spidey uses an air freshener to display how Mysterio works and the expressions on the cast's faces as Spidey attempts to drive an armored car off panel are laugh out loud funny.

Tobin also combats lifeless dialogue -- Mysterio is a larcenous ham, and his dialogue conveys this as well as his ego. This furthermore reveals his motive for committing crimes. It's not just the money. He wants to show off his superiority when creating illusions. Alternately, Spidey's sense of humor impacts with jokes and one-liners galore.

Spidey fights like nobody else in the Marvel universe, and Matteo Lolli and Terry Pallott displays his gymnastic flips with punch lines as well as his proportionate spider-like strength.

Marvel Adventures Spider-Man should be read by every Spidey fan. It's simply the best Spider-Man book on the racks.

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