Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #14

A comic review article by: Ray Tate
Thanks to the Looter's shenanigans, a rip in the space/time continuum releases the trolls that Odin trapped between seconds. This looks like a job for Spidey and Thor. That description is a lot more exciting than what transpires in the book. This issue of Marvel Adventures Super Heroes is just bog standard filler.

The two plot threads don't really need to connect, and even the writer admits that it's "Coincidence!" that drives this dumb story forward. Is it fun to watch Spidey and Thor smack around trolls? The story just could have been so much better. The wit of the series falls faster than the trolls do, and really, Thor against trolls? Why does he even need Spider-Man?

The art by Ron Lim and Digital Rainbow is perfectly adequate, although it's a little bit too detailed for the all-ages tradition. The best artistic moments occur when viewing frozen time. Digital Rainbow makes everything stand out in an eerie blue and white.

The lethargic story wouldn't have even been acceptable in the '70s. The only comfort would have been the price of the book. Then you would have paid a quarter and not felt cheated.

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