iZombie #13

A comic review article by: Matthew Z. Rios
iZombie is a really enjoyable book. Not only is it the comic book equivalent of a monster party but it’s got stellar Mike Allred art that I’ve always loved. Yet month after month, I just can’t decide if this book is a good fit for me. Perhaps a therapeutic comic review can help shed some light on the subject.

Here we have issue #13 of iZombie and it’s been a pretty fun ride. So far, writer Chris Robertson has exposed us to sympathetic zombies, airhead ghost girls and loads more horror archetypes that have been turned on their heads. In fact, this issue introduces us to a few new versions of monster classics. The sorority of female vampires has inducted a new member and we meet a group of mysterious supernatural creatures known as the Dead Presidents. While these additions were fun, very little was introduced in the way of storyline.

We do learn a few things about the history and motives of Galatea, leader of the female vampire cult. However, this information as well as the new elements don’t serve to move the book into this new storyline. Honestly, if you grilled me on where this new arc was going, I wouldn’t be able to tell you. Also, while I thought the introduction of these new Dead President characters was fun, their appearance was a big disharmonizing. They're written with a sense of mystery and intrigue, but we get too little about them or their role in this series. Honestly, it felt like a different book entirely.

On the other side of the coin, I did have fun with this issue. The series as a whole is always very lighthearted and #13 continues to follow suit. It’s fun to see terrifying monsters of the silver screen show with a more flippant tone. Sometimes blood and gore doesn’t need to be present when it comes to horror images and icons. Robertson knows how to keep a tone airy and cheerful. Also, having 20 pages of pure Mike Allred art is a real treat. I’ve always been a big fan of his and its just nice to see him back in action.

After a year into it, I’m just not sure I know the overall point or goal of this book. More and more is added, but less and less of it is pushing the story onward and upward. Hopefully soon these creatures of the night won’t be so scared of their own shadow and come out of the dark.

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