Irredeemable / Incorruptible BOOM Blast #1

A comic review article by: Mike Prezzato
ADVANCE REVIEW! Irredeemable/Incorruptible BOOM! Blast #1 will come out on Free Comic Book Day: May 7, 2011.

This here is a special reprise of both #1 issues of Irredeemable and Incorruptible in one book, for one single dollar. Unless you've been taking up a serious career in hermiting, I have a feeling you've at least heard of Irredeemable, and possibly a little of the praise that it definitely deserves. Incorruptible is a companion book of sorts to Irredeemable, existing in the same universe and coinciding with the same event.

Irredeemable starts off with a superhero named Plutonian, going completely berserk and slaughtering his former friends and allies. His former team, the Paradigm, looks for answers to why he has suddenly snapped, to no avail. Without ruining anything for new readers, a standard example of Mark Waid's brilliant writing shows when the team goes to visit Plutonian's former partner's grave for some answers. Every month, this issue keeps getting better and better with many amazing little details such as this.

Incorruptible tells the story of Max Damage, a former villian who switches sides when he learns that Plutonian has turned evil. It's almost a karmic switch, with one title showing what it's like to go "bad," and the other what it's like to go "good". Sure, it might sound sort of corny on Incorruptible's end, but maybe it's just an excuse to do the opposite of Irredeemable and get away with it? Possibly. By the end of this first issue, you see exactly why it happened. Post-Plutonian, Max's criminal past seems like a childish game to him. Did i mention he has a female sidekick named Jailbait?

This is a great book for new readers to jump on either of these titles. Both are written by Mark Waid, but i do prefer Irredeemable over Incorruptible, as it has much more meat on its bones as a continuing saga. Later issues of both titles get much better, but this is getting the highest rating based on the fact that these books are very much worth getting into, reissuing them for newer readers is a great move, and they're totally worth the dollar. Don't miss out.

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