inFamous #2-4

A comic review article by: Felicity Gustafson
Well, I'm sorry to report that it looks like inFamous has been steadily going downhill since the first issue. Normally with comics, it'll be the opposite -- the first issue tends to be filler and then the plot picks up with the following issues. It looks like so much was put into inFamous #1 that the others just can't compare.

The plot really hasn't progressed much at all from the beginning of the series. The same stuff is still going on that was happening at the end of issue one. David's still hunting for Kessler and Cole, and I'm not even sure exactly what Cole wants at this point. It seems that he's just turned into a guilty, blubbering mess that can't stop whining long enough to save anyone. I mean, yes, there was some angst in the first issue, don't get me wrong, but it's to the point where Cole's hiding out in a friend's apartment, clutching a picture of his wife and crying his eyes out instead of being outside and trying to catch Kessler. It's starting to get ridiculous.

One nice thing is more character development of Moya. Moya was introduced very briefly in the first issue, but she didn't seem to have much of a purpose other than giving Kessler a reason to explain David's existence to the readers. Now in these issues, she seems to have taken on the role of the villain. It's not very clear exactly she wants or hopes to accomplish, but she definitely has a big Cole-sized chip on her shoulder.

I'm still pretty much in love with David's character, though I'm a little disappointed in his lack of development so far. He's still mutated, speaks religiously and wants to kill Kessler more than anything. One cool little tidbit (revealed in #3) was David's ability to “smell” people on a genetic level, so literally nobody can hide. I suppose something like that would only be useful when dealing with time travelers, though. There was also a discrepancy between the first and third issues as far as how many abilities David has. The first says at least 11 and the third says around 30. That's a pretty big difference, and it's hard to say which one's right, but maybe there's a reason behind the mystery. It's hard to tell at this point.

Nguyen's artwork is still consistent throughout the issues, which is nice. There's nothing worse than picking up several comics and having the characters look drastically different. If there's multiple artists, it can be overlooked, but it's still nice to have the art the same. I must admit that I love the blend of colors whenever Cole or David use their powers. David has a tendency to be more of a purplish pink with some red streaks thrown in -- all colors indicative of violence, hatred and pain. Cole's powers are usually an electric blue, if you can excuse the bad pun. Instead of just using jagged bolts erupting from their bodies, Nguyen does color blending going from the lighter colors inside the bolts to the darker background colors. Some of the panels with Cole or David as the center point with their powers blasting through the air around them are quite breathtaking.

When there are large chunks missing, the story gets hard to follow and the writers can't keep their facts straight, I'm gonna have to say something's wrong. However, I'm not completely willing to give up on inFamous. It's not that the comics were absolutely horrible -- maybe just that my expectations were too inflated from the spectacular first issue. These issues just seemed like mostly filler, but there were a few points that were relevant to the storyline that made them a decent read. I've got my fingers crossed for the last two issues and I'm betting the finale's going to be epic.

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