ADVANCE REVIEW: Star Wars: Invasion Revelations #1

A comic review article by: Karyn Pinter
ADVANCE REVIEW! Star Wars: Invasion Revelations #1 comes out on July 13, 2011.

Who knew that at the end of Return of the Jedi nothing seemingly would get better? I know there are a whole slew of books and comics that carry the Star Wars saga far beyond that which we saw on film, but is it really necessary? This newest comic drops the reader right in the middle of a new war, one where the New Republic has seemingly turned its back on its savior, Luke Skywalker, and the Empire still holds a shadowy presence. A race of invading aliens known as the Yuuzhan Vong are threatening the integrity of the galaxy and an unknown hero is rising up to accept the challenge.

I really jumped into the deep end with this one. I have no clue what’s happening here. Last time I checked in with Luke Skywalker he was still partying with Ewoks. Now I guess he’s fighting a war by himself and history is repeating itself in the form of Finn Galfridian. Finn’s father has died and now he finds himself in the company of a crazy old jedi, a la Luke and Ben. Finn’s also got a sister who may or may not be a princess who’s some sort of freedom fighter. Whether or not this is supposed to mirror the original Star Wars isn’t made clear, but I think the writer could have come up with something a little more original. The comic was disappointing, there’s no other way to go about saying it. Nothing popped out to pull the reader in for an epic space adventure. It was dull, a watered-down copy of George Lucas’s opus with repetitive dialog.

The art, sadly, synced with the writing, flip-flopping between fair definition and blurred masses and swirling colors. Somehow Colin Wilson made Luke Skywalker look more like bloated Val Kilmer than aged Mark Hammil. I know there are probably issues with likeness rights, but Luke deserves better. With the expectation of throwing in a hardly recognizable Luke Skywalker and casually name dropping Leia, the comic didn’t feel like Star Wars at all. There was a little mystery with the main character, Finn. He seems to have some creature growing inside him -- it’s like he’s preggers with one of those Yuuzhan aliens or something, somehow he’s able to sense their presence which is a great skill since they’re undetectable. That might have been the most interesting part of the story, next to the absolute befuddlement over the New Republic offering no help to Luke and his meager handful of fighters.

Star Wars is a property that is weighted down by the glut of comics, TV shows and book tie-ins. Star Wars: Invasion Revelations just adds to that fat. There’s nothing extraordinary about the comic, nothing that sets it apart from the dozens of other second hand tales that find their way into the mixed bag galaxy that this loved franchise has become. Instead of shelling out an extra three bucks, I’d say stay inside out of the summer heat and watch the original trilogy again.

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