Vampirella and the Scarlet Legion #2

A comic review article by: Ray Tate
Everything's flipped in The Scarlet Legion. Vampirella's friends and allies now unite against her, and Vee's former foes may be the only help against her oldest enemy Chaos.

It takes a second read for the confusion to recede. The Scarlet Legion are religious whackjobs. So it's perfectly in their characters to turn against Vampirella, but Pendragon and Adam Van Helsing? What the heck did Vampirella do to deserve such betrayal?

Nothing. In fact, Harris recounts the horrific incident that catalyzed Vampirella's investigation. She's as usual on the side of humanity, even when her needs outweigh her ethics.

Harris displays Vee's desperation after nearly being blown up by her "comrades." She does something that frankly she hasn't done forever, and the moment shocks. Her out grants her the intellect and dignity, keeping with her traditional characterization.

The understandable action triggers Vee's reacquaintance with an old enemy, and Jose Malaga takes great pleasure in expressing Vee's supernatural strength through exquisite artwork, which follows the trend set by Sanjulian. Her long flowing raven hair streams as she hurls a man with one hand, and frequent shots of her emerald eyes courtesy of Petter characterize her as a predator. Her prey is as always the enemies of the human race, but now some of the humans she treasures the most impede her crusade.

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