Wolverine #11

A comic review article by: Travis Walecka
This comic book review serves part critical analysis, part personal blog, and part... well... apology, because some of you deserve it. Not that I have followers of the Howard Stern type -- thank the high heavens, who has the time? -- but I pretty much damn near took June off. Moon Knight #1 and #2, the last few issues of X-Factor and Cobra #1: all missing from the Comics Bulletin archives due to Yours Truly.

It’s a good thing I decided to attend the Hero Complex Film Festival event then, eh?

Moon Knight #2 lacks the point of L.A. Hero. While the first issue established the multi-dimensionality, as the newfound film producers’ edge of underworld slayer turned celebrity, the sophomore issue lacks the endless elements of environment. Trust me, I live here! If you combined Entourage, The Shield, Californication and hell, South Park, you’d have one hell of a Hollywood Comic. Marvel, if you truly need my number...

(You do.)

Peter David’s X-Factor has been focusing on the one character it’s been ignoring for the majority of this splendid run: Rahne. Sure, the sexy, furry thang was bound to X-Force before having mystery children with wolves and/or gay men, but now’s the time to address it. Add Feral, and some crazy taxi-chase scenes, typically witty banter, and more “WTF is Layla doing now?!?” moments, and you have yourself a winner. This title seemingly hasn’t and will never do wrong. If you don’t mind relishing in the tiny, dark detective, non-event corner of X-Factor, then you must already know the drill by now.

Cobra #1 will be addressed in this weekend’s #2 review.

(Yeah right, Travis, you’ll be too busy measuring a pint between a ring-bearing cougar’s thighs; or at the very least, busting through Breaking Bad re-runs.)

Now onto the matter at hand.. Wolverine scribe Jason Aaron is the very best at what he does, and that’s penning the most shock-intensive, grotesquely-mannered characters and ferociously clever crime comic scenarios. If you all haven’t read Scalped yet, then why the hell’d you bother clicking on this link?
Rhetoric aside, our current 616 Wolverine (when not invading every other Avenger, X-Men or event title) is thrown into the mass of a new hell.

Surely, Logan’s never been the nicest man walking, as the flashback scenes with then Weapon-X brother-in-arms Sabretooth insensitively depict. A band of victims’ relatives during those ol’ mercenary days are now conjoined by the Right Red Hand; and while none of these new foes carry the insane tact of Lord Deathstrike or ferocity of the Buzzard Brothers, props goes to Aaron for laying the groundwork for making us at least care.

Although rooting for Wolvie and not for the daughter-slash-widow of some insanely-obsessive madmen is the case anyway, this group of rebels indeed make for a fascinating arc. And as for that last page reveal, let’s just say it’s good for Danny Way (or Rob Williams, I suppose), that Aaron isn’t entirely throwing away the origins out of Wolverine just yet. Things gon’ get ugly.

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