Penny For Your Soul #7

A comic review article by: Karyn Pinter
Talk about going out with a bang. Everything comes to a head in the final issue of Penny for You Soul, and it all goes to hell, too. Lives are lost, loves are lost and yet the heroes still prevail, in a shadowed and sullen way. Without spoilerifying the whole thing, here’s the deal -- this is and isn’t the end of Penny for Your Soul, it’s more like the ending of the first act or the end of maybe a few minor characters and just a sabbatical for others.

Penny for Your Soul may not have been everyone’s cup o’ tea, but I think it reached out and touched a few people, perhaps in some inappropriate yet intriguing ways, but still it made a connection. Never has there been a comic about the battle between heaven and hell, good and evil and the fate of mankind that has been as fun, as sinful or as titillating as Penny for Your Soul. The last issue will leave you awe struck, a little sad, a bit pissed off, and scratching your head while you wonder, “What the fuck was that and what happens next?”

Well, there is a confirmed follow-up chapter coming out in August that picks up right where this last issue leaves off, and it’s going to be a doozy because this last issue really brings the house down. This is where I commend Tom Hutchison. At the end of this comic, it’s not all sunshine and smiles, as if the final judgment could be. No, as I said before this issue is about loss -- one loss -- that’s a big surprise and personally, I hope it’s not permanent. The mold definitely was broken with this one, hell I don’t think it was used at all. Essentially it ends with everything and everyone in a sort of limbo, not the actual Limbo, at least I don’t think. If anyone is familiar with Jewish mythology then you might know something about the Guf, if not feel free to go search that after you read this spoilery bit, two of the big name players end up in it and literally, God only knows what that will lead to. Lots of build up and mystery folks, enough to make you quiver with anticipation.

So rare is it that I get this involved with anything that it breaks my heart a little when it ends and bad things happen to favorite characters, but I can’t give it a bad rating just because I’m butt-hurt over it. It’s a good series, strong start, good build up and a monster ending. Act one is over and it was a hell of a transition into the second, I don’t know what’s coming, so I’m prepared to be astounded by the revelations, I hope you are too.

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