Incorruptible Volume Four

A comic review article by: Dave Powell
Incorruptible Volume 4 collects issues 13-16, with a bonus cover and pinup gallery, and a fourteen page preview of Potter’s Field.

As we join Max Damage, the Plutonian is still on the loose, and Max believes he is the only one who can stop him. At his side is Headcase, a powerless girl dealing with the trauma of losing her family by playing hero. Playing the part of moral compass is Alana, the Plutonian’s former girlfriend, who is also carrying her own sense of guilt for being the catalyst for the Plutonian’s rampage. If this sounds convoluted, well it is! But it’s also a nice study in guilt, redemption, and heroism with a heaping helping of moral ambiguity.

Just as Max comes up with the plan to take out Plutonian, word comes in that Plutonian has been neutralized. Alana is understandably worried that without purpose, Max will revert to his former criminal self. The remainder of the trade deals with how Headcase, Max and Alana start to come to grips with the post-Plutonian world.

Writer Mark Waid continues to prove he isn’t out of ideas, and the story of Max Damage remains at its previously high level. He mixes the psychological drama seamlessly with action and plot. The results are a compelling story of a man who has decided to do the right thing, even if he has absolutely no idea what right and wrong are.

I have to admit, while Marcio Takara’s art works very well in this trade, sometimes it wears thin for me. The characters are a little stiff at times, and often it comes off as a poor man’s David Mazzuchelli. Yeah, that’s the extent of my complaining… compare the man to Mazzuchelli. So yes, the art is very good. You’ll enjoy the trade. Some of you will LOVE the art. Some of you will call me an idiot for feeling there’s a tiny bit missing in it.

I do have to say I enjoyed the coloring of Nolan Woodard. The pages are reminiscent of a movie filmed in blue tint most of the time, which is very effective in maintaining the tone of the book. Then out of nowhere, when the action hits, color explodes off the page. Every battle is done in vibrant hues. Those choices make for a very interesting book from the standpoint of coloring.

Boom! Studios have a habit of issuing their comics with multiple covers. You’ll find each and every cover inside the trade, just before the preview of another of Mark Waid’s upcoming TPBs: Potters Field.

There is enough of the story to know that Mark Waid hasn’t tired of this run of dark comics. When I say dark I really mean Noir because Potter’s Field has the look, feel, and I’d bet the smell of a late 40’s Film Noir if I had the book in physical form. It’s funny that I mentioned Mazzuchelli earlier, because if Takara comes off as a slight notch below Mazzuchelli, then Paul Azaceta comes off as at least his equal. The story and art blend perfectly, and leave you wanting to read the upcoming TPB… now…

Incorruptible Volume 4 is a solid, exciting, and visually pleasing Trade Paperback, and is well worth the price of admission, pick it up today!

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