Netherworld #2

A comic review article by: Ray Tate
Two different factions are interested in Madeline. One wants to keep her safe, at least that's the claim. The other led by crime boss Kane wants to openly destroy her. The reason lies in the nature of Netherworld. Nobody is what they seem in Netherworld. However, most are unaware of their own duplicity.

It turns out that Netherworld is a very famous legendary location. Kane's consolidation of power however has corrupted most of the city. Although she doesn't know it, Madeline possesses information that could upset the balance. The story intrigues and stresses the importance of individuals in the scheme of things that already seem set in stone.

Tony Shasteen's and Dave McCaig's artwork is remarkable. The opening fight is short, vicious and choreographed as if it were blocked from a martial arts lesson. The exquisitely designed characters walk around full, detailed backgrounds and express a rich gamut of emotions. McCaig's hues swathe the settings in neon while eye color often rivets your attention.

Netherworld explores legend within the context of a private eye movie as directed by Ridley Scott or James Glickenhaus. Ray Parker is the classic tarnished knight walking the mean streets to keep an innocent safe.

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