Supergirl #2

A comic review article by: Ray Tate

It's the big dukeroo: Superman vs. Supergirl. Normally I find superhero battles depressing and needless. This is one bout I have been waiting to see. I stated in my previous review that most readers have always considered Supegirl to be lesser than Superman because she's just a girl. This battle accurately gauges just how wrong the naysayers’ are.

Historically, Supergirl and Superman did fight before, but there was always a catch. Either one was not in his/her right mind and/or held back the full extent of their power or the fight turned out to be a massive deception and only a bit of sparring. In this story, Superman holds back just enough to prevent homicide. He's not really fully restraining himself since he's not absolutely sure if Supergirl is his cousin. Superman of the new 52 does not possess the ability of total recall as he did in the pre-Crisis DC multiverse. Apparently the only hero with an eidetic memory in the new DCU is Batgirl.

As a result of neither Superman or Supergirl remembering each other as they were, Supergirl lets loose with unheard of ferocity.

The Cover Doesn't Lie

Her blows actually hurt the Man of Steel. She sends him hurtling through the air to cut down swathes of trees. She beats on him without pause, and the only respites Superman receives occurs when Supergirl's other powers kick in, including flight.

Mahmud Asrar, Dan Green and Dave McCaig pull out all the stops for a battle between an Adonis and Aphrodite in terms of anatomy, a clash red, gold and blue. This is what comic books are for. Honoring the human body and wrecking it in moments of outrageous violence. Awesome.

Cousins United

Lest you think this is all a bellicose waylaying of the cousins, before the battle, Kara experiences a memory of happier times on Krypton where she looks out for the painfully cute baby Kal-El, and Kara realizes the damage she's doing when she encounters an innocent earthman protecting his baby. A nice moment when the book comes full circle.

Cousins Reunited

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