Betty & Veronica #253

A comic review article by: Penny Kenny
"Your Prom or Mine?" is a breezy tale that younger and tween girls will love. Dan Parent captures the importance and glamour the word "prom" evokes in younger girls without going over the top and insinuating that prom the be-all and end-all of high school life.

This full-length tale features some great character moments and clever dialog. The opening scene at the dress shop quickly establishes the personalities of Betty, Veronica, Archie, and Jughead. I particularly like Jughead's sardonic "Does it make a difference?" in response to Archie's "Who did I take to the last big dance?" By having the main cast decide to check out greener pastures and go to the prom with the new kids in school, Parent gets a chance to introduce those characters to readers who might not have followed the "New Kids in the Hall" storyline. Veronica's solution to the problem of how to decide who to ask to the prom is smart and allows the characters' personalities to be revealed naturally. It's also great that the girls invite the boys and it's treated as no big deal. That's a positive statement for little girls to absorb.

Bringing the large cast to life is the art team of Jeff Shultz, Bob Smith and Jack Morelli and they do a fabulous job. The characters are attractive, with expressive faces. They come in a variety of body types and ethnicities and all have their personal style. You can't mistake one character for another. The opening page showing Veronica modeling for Betty is beautiful. She looks gorgeous and fashionable. In a more humorous panel we see a sales clerk react to Veronica's purchases and in another, the new boys in town are pressed up against a window like puppies in a pet store. Adding the final touch are Digikore Studios' bright colors. Even readers who can't actually read will enjoy looking at this attractive package.

If you have a young daughter or know a tween girl who enjoyed Disney's Prom, you might want to hand them this issue of Betty and Veronica. It will make a nice companion piece.

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