Soldier Zero #8

A comic review article by: Thomas Crawford
This issue, dear readers, is a perfect example of what we in the review writing business call “adequacy.” That means that there’s nothing terrible about this comic, nor is their anything particularly noteworthy. It also makes it a bitch to write an interesting review about.

There’s certainly interesting material here. Abnett and Lanning know their way around sci-fi by now after the two of them essentially recreated Marvel’s cosmic line of heroes. By now, they know how to make a story about a normal person who is tapped by powers from another world to become something greater. And that’s part of the problem. They know how to build a hero like this, and everyone who reads comics has seen this story built before.

That isn’t necessarily a damning statement, though. Sometimes you see an old story told a new way, and there are aspects of this comic that feel novel. The supporting character Application Nine, for instance, is terrific. He is essentially a super iPhone with attitude. He’s also the most interesting character in this book, so I hope his ambiguous exit in this issue isn’t the last we see of him.

This does raise a point, however. Soldier Zero should be more interesting. His story is compelling, he has plenty of adversity to overcome, but as a character he’s very bland. “I don’t give up,” he says at one point. Head’s up gang, that’s the closest to a personality he gets this month.

This series is good if you focus on the big picture. There’s a wealth of potential stories that can keep it going for some time. Unfortunately, it loses me in the details, or lack thereof. That’s a reflection on both the art and the writing, by the way.

I feel like this series is starting to find its legs, and in a few months will turn into something really cool. Until then, though, your collection will be no poorer for this title’s absence.

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