Doctor Who #3

A comic review article by: Ray Tate
As Amy Pond is designated as a victim of Jack the Ripper, The Doctor's involvement is rather minimal. He acts more like a catalyst. He stirs up the alien enemy of Jack the Ripper that's disguised as Sir Charles Warren. He cobbles together an alien radiation detector that suspiciously resembles the alien detector he received from his godmother, but Amy Pond saves Amy Pond. This modicum of novelty earns the book its rating. If not for Amy's actions, this issue of Doctor Who, I'm sorry to say would be a painfully boring affair.

Amy refuses to let her fear of the alien monster paralyze her. Instead, she fights back with her televised pluck and knowledge of Jack's weaknesses. She also manages to save one of Jack's original victims; before the time lines shift to the reality we know.

Artists Tim Hamilton and Phil Elliott present a version of Amy Pond that synchs with her series persona. They replicate her body language and expression. I especially appreciated the moment when she sticks out her tongue. It's a nice humorous flourish in an otherwise dark tale. Hamilton and Elliott also get props for a decent Doctor and Rory likeness as well as a monster versus monster moment that's part Gahan Wilson and part Richard Corben. Their artwork is rushed on occasion, but I get the impression they had little time to complete the job.

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