Simpsons Comics #177

A comic review article by: Ray Tate
The art by Phil Ortiz, Mike DeCarlo and Art Villanueva is the real draw to this issue of Simpsons Comics. As a bout of fever and an overdose of flu medicine sends Homer into a hazy dream state that forms an alternate universe where beer is unknown, the artists' slightly altered versions of the well-known Springfield denizens are vibrant characters in and of themselves.

The feeling sort of reminds me of the Earth-Two versions of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman as Homer meets and greets a tapestry of alternates. You get a bespectacled Lenny and besuited Carl. Moe's less angry. Miss Hoover's bright-eyed and enthusiastic. My only regret is in not seeing the alternate Flanders.

In terms of pure story, I think it's rather sweet that Homer doesn't want to break the news to Barney of his alternate's alcoholism, and I really love the desert scenario which spoofs countless Mummy movies.

That said, the story's really just two jokes stretched too long, and while there are a few giggles to be had, I've read better issues of Simpsons Comics from Chuck Dixon. This issue of Simpsons Comics earns a marginal recommendation, unless you're really into the artwork more than the story.

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