Soldier Zero #7

A comic review article by: Sam Salama Cohén
ADVANCE REVIEW! Soldier Zero #7 will come out on April 20, 2011

It’s one of those unwritten rules about comics -- it may be ok to play around all you want with weird plots and characters for a while, but eventually it comes a time when the reader is going to need a good explanation for all the crazy stuff.

Well, on Soldier Zero’s case, the explanation starts here and now, on a issue which -- though much lighter on the action than the previous ones -- answers many questions about Soldier Zero’s true origin and motivation. At the same time it results in more questions now that readers have got another glimpse at the brutal nature of some of the Soldiers from the 80th Battalion as well as what reaches they are about to go to in order to prevent the Soldier-Tech Byosites to bond with Earth’s residents!

At the end of this issue, it remains a mystery why the High Commands of the former Soldier Zero didn’t want anybody to know that Earth and its inhabitants had been the gene pool for the advanced human race that they had met during war, but the hints are ominous…

Soldier Zero stays on track, while surprising us with a new and unexpected twist on things, as a message from the past may well be the key for Steward to save his life and stop himself from losing total control over the Soldier Zero Byosite. Recommended reading for sci-fi fans and for all comic fans in general, Soldier Zero starts unraveling the true potential of this DnA creation with the first part of its new arc, "Handling the Truth."

Javier Pina is once more the perfect match for the renowned Universe-spanning duo, as it is again fairly obvious that he was born to pencil stories such as these.
Entertaining, fun and new, the title has promise; and judging by the cliffhanger at the end of the issue, the immediate future of the series is guaranteed to keep on zeroing in on us.

I thought I was not a space comic kind of guy… but I hadn’t met the Soldiers.

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