Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #13

A comic review article by: Ray Tate
The quintessential comic book. This is exactly what I'm talking about. While the sumptuous yet sublime artwork by Ronan Cliquet, Amilton Santos and Sotocolor entertain the eyes, Tobin subtly relates a fable that's crashed by modern sensibilities and judgments. What's more, he fosters the heroic ideal that I look for in comic books.

Simultaneously, Tobin crafts characterization gems. He brings out humor in Thor, slyness in the Valkyrie -- beautifully expressed by the artists through her canary fed cat smile -- and a sense of overwhelming justice from the usually happy go-lucky Nova. Furthermore, Tobin redeems the Asgardians as a harsh but fair eternal, alien race, and the entire creative team get a tip of the fedora for the splash page. It's not the most action-packed, but it's the most important page in the whole story, and they give it the emotional gravitas it deserves. It's perfect staging, naturally done.

On a personal note, I like how Tobin reins Valkyrie into the line with her Asgardian heritage. I think he was the first to do this. Before the splendid one-shot by Phil Winslade and the so-called Marvel Architects. In the old Defenders series, Roy Thomas downplayed her ties to Asgard, instead choosing to create a current take on Wonder Woman via the Marvel Universe, but Tobin makes her a demigoddess of Asgard and somebody whom Thor considers a near equal. Of course, Val would like to take him to task for that "near" part. She's been doing so for epochs.

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