Secret Warriors #26

A comic review article by: Travis Walecka
As a huge fan of Jonathan Hickman’s Secret Warriors, and of the writer in general, I can’t help but feel conflicted about this issue’s reveals. Two men held captive in a room just doesn’t make for an exciting comic. Even as the pissing contest between Baron Strucker and Nick Fury is as clever as you’d imagine, there had to be another way to divulge this information. I mean, you’ve read Hickman’s big-big-big ideas in Fantastic Four and S.H.I.E.L.D., right!? This ish reverts to an unforeseen '80s heist movie device.

Thankfully, it’s still Hickman with the pen, it’s still the Secret Warriors title (that’s normally a no-brain purchase for espionage fans), and it’s still Nick Fury. As the most popular Marvel superhero without a superhuman ability, Nick Fury just reeks of awesomeness. Problem is, we know it -- we know how this ends since it was announced it was ending -- and we assume what happens will happen. It happens.

We have a couple more issues before the title wraps up, and I’d really like to see the Secret Warriors themselves back in action. There’s no doubt Nick Fury will have his own book in some form with the Avengers film coming out next year, and his popularity-boom patiently waiting in the stratosphere. So, while readers get the chance, let’s knock it out the park with Yo-Yo, Quake, Slingshot, Stonewall and whoever else doesn’t get killed off first.

For now, it’s just nice to get some answers for a change. It’s just too bad it had to come in this form.

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