Infestation #2

A comic review article by: Jamil Scalese
The final chapter of the IDW’s first ever crossover event attempts to wrap up one of the most ambitious campaigns in recent comic history. Is it possible to tell a cohesive story using no less than five different franchises?

First thing I should note is that my rating of four bullets is based more on the Infestation crossover as whole than just this issue. I read every issue of this event and overall it was a pretty impressive endeavor by the brains at Idea and Design Works. This story was akin to asking four different divas to record a hit song in harmony while sitting in different rooms, and while it wasn’t seamless, the story was an entertaining journey into the worlds of some of science fiction’s greatest franchises with a zombie chaser.

Infestation #2 starts off where the first bookend left off. CVO, or Covert Vampiric Operations, attempts to fight their way out of the military complex that ushered in the zombie plague that threatens five different universes. These original IDW creations are a tad flat, but that blandness serves an already convoluted plot nicely. CVO are not without merit, but with so much going on, and so many plot responsibilities, these intriguing characters did not have much room to breathe in a two-issue span.

In order to wrap this thing up the writers took some narrative leaps that are a little too hurried to be believable. The deus ex machina ending is a little tough to swallow. The reader definitely has a feel that the plot carries certain conveniences in order to reach a conclusion in the 25 allotted pages. There are a set of rules in the CVO universe that are a little confusing, and as any comic fan knows, when you introduce magic as a force that trumps all you can make the biggest problem disappear with the wave of a wand.

The art is slightly better than the first issue, which makes it quite good actually. Messina and Balboni pair to give us a very commendable visual finale. Unlike the extremely busy premiere issue, this one allows us to slow down and get a couple three-quarter splashes and over-the-top visuals. The coloring is also fantastic, and the issue’s art strength is definitely in the small details. Additionally, I have to commend IDW on producing some excellent covers for Infestation. My personally favorite was the zombified Tribble cover for the second Star Trek issue.

Let’s be real, Infestation was about Transformers, Ghostbusters and the rest of the popular properties owned by the IDW. The Infestation bookends were set up to give purpose and direction to the cross-dimensional zombie story. So any exposure that Infestation granted toward their CVO and Zombies vs Robots franchises is an added boon to the successful company crossover. If IDW can keep the momentum of Infestation going in their original properties, then this massive undertaking would have been a fantastic victory.

All things considered Infestation rocked, but this issue is only necessary if you were on board for a good chunk of the ride. Wait for the trade paperback.

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