Penny For Your Soul #6

A comic review article by: Karyn Pinter
Uh-oh, Jesus messed up. Looks like he’s brought about the undoing of mankind in the wrong order by unleashing War upon the masses instead of opening the first seal, thus opening the door to Lucifer and Danica, and their own separate plans. Let’s just hope Danica pulls hers off first. The fate of men, angels, and demons hangs in the balance as the penultimate issue of Penny for Your Soul ends with a valet attendant facing off with the devil himself.

Oh my lord, how fucking awesome is Mary Magdalene as an exorcist? Mary had
her own one-shot last month
, and if it had been the Adventures of Mary Magdalene, Exorcist, I probably would have died happy. I think I went all fangirl over that, and some might think I should be ashamed, but I’m not. Why? Because this is a good comic, with good characters, and it’s fun. Forget all those dark, serious comics that make you think or reflect on current social issues. What we all need is some light-hearted angels making out with each other and riotous good times. Penny for Your Soul has constantly delivered this.

Should I mention that Mary Magdalene performs an exorcism on the Horseman War again? Where else are you going to find something like that? I think what Tom Hutchison is something that is brilliantly thought out. If you step back and look at the bare bones plot of Penny, it’s a battle between heaven and hell in Las Vegas with a heaping scoop of fan service sexiness. There are so many potentially bad, bad ways to handle a story like that, but lucky for all those who are reading the comic Hutchison spun a story that does maintain the campiness and the smut but is entertaining and in some out of the ordinary way, philosophical. The End Times is generally a pretty heavy topic, but here’s it turned on it’s ear. The battle of Jesus and Satan is no laughing matter, but it is when Jesus hosts a radio talk show and Satan (Lucifer) get kneed in the balls by a girl named Bunny.

With one issue remaining to seal the fate of the world, what’s going to happen? And with one issue left, will everything get wrapped up nicely? It seems like there’s a lot left to explain. There is, however, a second volume coming up that will involve the false prophet who was unceremoniously skipped over when Jesus didn’t open the first seal. It’s going to be a wild night in Vegas come next month, and I, for one, wouldn’t miss it for the world.

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