Wolverine #7

A comic review article by: Travis Walecka
Sure, Wolverine's my favorite, your “closet” favorite, the kid who started reading comics after Bryan Singer’s movie’s favorite and apparently not Darren Aronofsky’s favorite. But he's Wolverine. He is as rugged, intense and extreme as any superhero there ever was -- and not surprisingly, he serves a better villain all the more for it.

What’s Jason Aaron’s accomplished so copiously with this current run is take Logan even further into self-inclined pain. Of course, innumerous times Wolvie wakes up wanting to kill every Marvel character that has ever touched the earth. The difference? This Wolverine is directed by the devil. Scary thought.

Aaron’s brilliant writing in this very X-Men-like issue is sure to have Keiron Gillen on the hot seat. In fact, Aaron was just announced to pen the forthcoming X-event Schism, which, hypothetically, intends to serve as a mutant Civil War. With the demonic Wolverine laying waste to several of his friends and ex-girlfriends in this issue, it’s not hard to witness the origins for such a looming affair.

From what I can see, what ex-Uncanny writer Matt Fraction and Aaron have in common is their undying love for writing Emma Frost. What separates Aaron in this regard is Frost’s Beverly Hills trash humor he commands so well. Some of this dialogue is bound to have you falling off your plastic patio chair (I actually went through mine). It’s also great to see Storm grasp some of that lead. We've known her for years as the sole controller far before the White Queen came along.

Daniel Acuna continues the string of expert artists Jason carries around in his man-purse. He’s taken readers right from the depths of Hell’s Kitchen with Murdock to the depths of Hell with Howlett. If this was the next team for Uncanny X-Men, several months of frustration would go out the window. My only fear would be that this teaming would prove too gritty for such a colorful group of lovable mutants. In Marvel’s eyes -- and not the likes of someone as sick and twisted as yours truly -- they’ll have them stick to the parental advisory dreariness of Wolverine.

And that’s fine by me, as this title is quietly becoming, alongside Remender’s Uncanny X-Force, the best in Marvel’s hands. If you keep telling yourself you’re as sick of Logan’s overexposure as you’re really not, then you are truly missing out on a modern day masterpiece. Snikt.

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