Wonder Woman #609

A comic review article by: Karyn Pinter
It’s hard to tell if things just got clearer or more complicated in this latest issue of Wonder Woman. Doctor Psycho has appeared and taken care of the trio of villainesses -- who were greatly missed in this issue -- and now he’s leading Wonder Woman on a journey of self discovery. Kind of lame, but hell, we could all use some answers.

So, minus all of the mean villainesses, Wonder Woman and the Doctor are given some much-needed private time. Psycho explains to Diana that her spirit has passed through the centuries in many forms and that she is vital to the way the world is shaped. At least, this is what I think was happening. It was a bit hard to follow; I might have to read through it again. But why would Doctor Psycho do all this for his enemy? Simply, he misses being a part of her life. Now isn’t that sweet? He wants things back to the way they were, as do most of us fans.

At the end of this issue, not much changed for the better except that another familiar face returns: Etta Candy! I’m always so happy when Etta is reintroduced into the comics every time there’s a continuity change. It’s important for Wonder Woman -- or any woman, for that matter -- to have a best friend. Etta is the most human aspect of Wonder Woman’s personality. This time she’s a doctor in the hospital that Wonder Woman wakes up in after her beat down at the hands of Cheetah, Giganta and Artemis. That’s where the issue ends, however -- on a cliffhanger.

This certainly isn’t the best issue by far, but it’s not the worst. I can say that much. However, the whole thing is starting to feel a bit long-winded and pointless. The glimmer of Wonder Woman getting a much needed beat down has already worn off, and now we’re back to scratching our heads and wishing we could just have our damn star spangled onesie back. Something fun needs to happen again, and fast. Otherwise, Wonder Woman is going to fall right back into that horrible rut again, and DC will have to do another drastic change to pull it back out.

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