Magneto: Not a Hero #2

A comic review article by: Sara McDonald

Issue 2 of Magento Not a Hero feels very much like a transition issue. It's heavy on plot and exposition, but light on action and forward momentum. From the last issue's reveal of Magneto's clone Joseph's return, this issue opens with a flashback to Joseph's rebirth and an explanation of how he got to the point where he's not only no longer dead, but also wearing Magneto's clothes and murdering humans at anti-mutant protests. The comic also gives us a glimpse of the sinister machinations of anti-mutant crusader and leader of Humans Now, Christopher Bach, as well as Magneto's attempts to hunt down his renegade clone.

While this comic does manage to lay a lot of groundwork for what I'm sure will be important in later issues, it doesn't manage to make it all that interesting. There's a lot of discussions, and a lot of Joseph's previous and current creator, Astra, hanging off him creepily, but not much else until the final pages. Even then what's a big reveal to Magneto, is less so to the reader, as it was already hinted at in the end of the last book, making it feel like a bit of a repeat cliffhanger. The opening scenes which explain how Joseph is back again also seem lacking, as it's simply Astra bringing him back with some vaguely described science and returning memories to him along with a healthy dose of brainwashing. For a comic book, that sort of scene is fairly run-of-the-mill, and was mostly saved by the addition of Gabriel Hernandez Walta's stylized and visually-compelling artwork.

For fans of Magneto who don't want to put the entire confusing '90s mess of his sometimes-amnesiac clone Joseph behind them, this is a book they'll probably want to pick up. Magneto himself has been the most compelling character in the series so far, which is good, given that his name is in the title. Otherwise, this comic is more likely one that's going to leave you wishing for a little more than what you're given.



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