Herc #7

A comic review article by: Robert Tacopina
Trying to incorporate your title into an event is a very tricky proposition one must undertake. There are so many ways for a book to fail based on the decision to try and tie book A into Event 1. Such is the case with Pak & Van Lente's choice to bring the pages of Herc into the events of Spider-Island this summer's Spider-Man event. Are Herc fans following or even remotely intrigued by the elements of what is unfolding in the wall-crawler's life? So many variables involved in creating a book aiming to reach a large market. Yet, this latest issue of Herc just friggin' works.

All credit to the writing tandem of Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente, who continuously manage to impress with their synchronicity. They are the two-headed monster at Marvel Comics at the moment that is able to infuse their titles with all the trimmings that comprise a fantastic comic! They take a lower tiered character like Hercules and work in little subtleties that serve to make the Olympian such an uber-badass. Sure he is a brash, loud-mouthed, womanizing, drunkard who just happens to be a little slow on the take -- but it is those traits that make you root for the galoot even more.

In tying Herc into the aforementioned Spider-Island event Pak Lente (©2011 Comics Bulletin) throws out every conceivable way to cram a smorgasbord of goodies down any self-respecting Marvel fans gullet. You are an X-Men fan, check. Avengers, check. Freaks running around in Spider-Man costumes, including the titular hero, doth verily I say! Plain and simple -- Herc is the book that may not garner mainstream attention, yet it pushes just as hard as any other title on the stands. Always humorous and action-packed with varying themes underlying each and every issue, Herc is a hit!!

This issue sees June Brigman take on the penciling chores and man does she ever knock it out of the park! Why doesn't she do more work? Her stuff just kills! I loved, loved and loved her Power Pack stuff back in the day. She has such a fine line that is further highlighted by her inking cohort Roy Richardson. The artwork is a breath of fresh air with a hint of nostalgia.

Herc #7 was a damn fun read this week. My only problem with the issue was the appearance of the X-Men who for some reason are still in New York despite the fact that it has been seven months since they dealt with the Lizard back in issues 7-10 of the adjective-less series (issue 17 shipped last week). That tidbit aside, a great issue per usual. If you aren't reading Herc you are missing out on a damn good time!

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