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Heroes for Hire #8 (Ray's review)

Posted: Friday, June 3, 2011
By: Ray Tate

Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning
Brad Walker, Andrew Hennessy (i), Jay David Ramos (c)
While everybody and their newspaper falls for the latest DC scam of renumbering without making any significant changes (in other words, business as usual) Heroes for Hire conveys exactly why the DCU does not work. It lacks cohesiveness. Everybody in this issue of Heroes for Hire knows each other.

For Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, Marvel Team-Up counts in continuity as much, as if not more, than Dark Avengers. You see, kids, Spider-Man met Misty Knight, the Paladin and the surprise guest-star years ago -- six in Marvel's sliding scale of time. Scorpion's an old adversary, and everybody loves to hit Batroc and knock that smug sense of superiority off the tips of his ridiculous mustache.

When the Paladin is out of his depth, he notifies the surprise guest-star. She uses her power framed by some hilarious dialogue and interaction with Paladin to nullify some of the firepower as Spidey goes through a tear in an illegal ultimate fighting arena. His opponents include a few dinosaurs taken from the Savage Land, but mainly the Scorpion in a riotous Transformers suit that Spidey promptly breaks. No wonder the Scorpion didn't get his Sinister Six invite. He probably still thinks it got lost in the mail.

Abnett and Lanning set up Misty Knight as Marvel's defacto Oracle, but there's a huge difference. Like Chloe Sullivan, like Tess Mercer, Misty can get in on the action because she's got working legs. In the Marvel Universe, women can be brainy and/or strategically savvy and possess full mobility. Misty's timely intervention -- and doesn't she look cool on her motorcyle zooming to the rescue -- allows Spidey breathing room to administer the coup de grace as well as some patented one-liners.

Brad Walker, Drew Hennessy and Jay David Banks put the hurt on Paladin, somersault Spidey through a gymnastic routine that would make every Olympian erupt with pain, put the tough in Misty and imbues unearthly poise and power to the surprise guest star. In addition, the creative team nail Batroc's misplaced sense of arrogance and reinforce the hapless nature of the Scorpion's comedy routine. He really should just go back to his original suit.

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