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Spider-Girl #5

Posted: Tuesday, April 5, 2011
By: Ray Tate

Paul Tobin
Matthew Southworth, Chris Sotomayor (c)
Spider-Girl fights Kraven's daughter, and I couldn't care less. Tobin doesn't give me a reason to care. I really don't believe his heart is in this one. He infused his passion into the opening issues of the Spider-Girl series. I can't see that verve in any of these pages.

This issue of Spider-Girl ties into previous issues of the Spider-Man titles. I don't read them. I like Spider-Man, but I cannot support the whole "Mephisto wanted their love" bullflop. I like Spidey married to Mary Jane. So, I read the comic-strip in Comic Shop News and ignore the "swinging bachelor" Spider-Man of Amazing. I'm hoping FF will also let me enjoy Spider-Man again.

Spider-Girl mentions that the Kraven family attacked the Spider-Man family. Frankly, I never knew there was a Spider-Man Family, unlike say the Batman Family or Superman Family of Pre-Crisis days.

Until Bendis dropped her into the Avengers, Spider-Woman rarely associated with Spider-Man. There was a Byrne-created Spider-Girl, but I was under the impression that she and Spidey didn't hang out. Mayday "Spider-Girl" Parker, the only incarnation that's blood-related, inhabits another universe.

I understand Marvel's attempts, but they shouldn't force the ties. Let the fans decide whether or not there is a Spider-Man Family. In my opinion the Spider-Man Family is Mary Jane Watson Parker, J.Jonah Jameson, Aunt May and Flash Thompson. Spider Woman, as shown in Young Allies, was Spider-Girl's inspiration to change her name. That alone shouldn't make her part of the so-called Spider-Man Family.

Whether or not Araņa is a member of the Spider-Man Family, I really couldn't work up any enthusiasm over what amounts to a psychotic Hannah Montana battling Avril Lavigne on the streets of Manhattan. Spider-Girl comes up with some good strategic moves to stymie the huntress, but you get the impression that this is just one well-drawn PG rated cat-fight with Spider-Girl acting a little bratty instead of wise beyond her years. Bleah.

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