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Penny For Your Soul: The Temptation of Mary Magdalene

Posted: Monday, February 7, 2011
By: Karyn Pinter

Tom Hutchison
Fico Ossio, Kel Nuttal (l)
Big Dog Ink
A day in the life of Eternity’s casino and hotel manager, Mary “Maggie” Magdalene, is far more exciting than it might seem. Maggie’s usually occupied with the everyday business of keeping house and buying souls, but as fate would have it two souls come in looking for a good time and ask for Mary’s private attention. One night spent on the town is a revelation for Mary, and she finally sees into her own soul.

This is an official spin-off from Penny for Your Soul starring house manager -- and most famous sex panderer next to Heidi Fleiss -- Mary Magdalene. There’s no doubt that Penny for Your Soul is a fun comic and one worthy of being in print, but I’m not too convinced about Mary Magdalene. She’s a fun character but I don’t think she has enough to build a solid story around -- at least, not a one-shot comic.

The comic tells of her temptation (or her near temptation) by an offer Lucifer makes her. I think that ultimately this is an instance of “you can take the girl off the street, but you can’t take the street out of the girl.” Basically, we learn that Mary loves those she loves more than power or money, and though she may be tempted she knows better than to head down a dark path. That’s nothing new, however, because we can see this in her character just from reading Penny for Your Soul. I think one-shot character issues are better left for characters in a smaller role and of a more mysterious nature. Giving Jesus his own one-shot would have been fun because we don’t know much about him in this comic/Las Vegas world. We already know Mary was saved from purgatory by Danica, but that part of her history was left out of this comic. That’s what I would have liked to see: a little history involving her relationship with Jesus and how she ended up first in purgatory and then with Danica. There were some parts that do add to Mary’s character, just little things like her room is filled with Faberge eggs because Easter has intense meaning for her.

Altogether The Temptation of Mary Magdalene is just a glimpse into one single day and moments in the life of a fascinating character, but it falls short of doing her justice.

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