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Deadpool #31

Posted: Monday, January 17, 2011
By: Jamil Scalese

Daniel Way
Bong Dazo, Jose Pimentel (i), Andres Mossa (c)
Marvel Comics
Our hero Wade Wilson continues his mission in “Curse of the Mutants.” Yay?

In my review of Deadpool last week I inflated the rating of what I considered to be a poor issue by predicting the future would be better. This month it was better, marginally, but just enough for me to crack a few smiles. The awkward partnership of “Curse of the Mutants” and Deadpool has produced a strained side story that concludes in this issue. While there is some solid Twilight rifting in this issue to show that the creators aren’t totally naïve to the cultural climate of vampire love, it is still really hard for me to take the craze seriously. Deadpool has next to nothing to do with Dracula, and affiliates loosely with the X-Men and mutantkind so it’s difficult to invest oneself in a story with characters that most likely will have no bearing on the larger Deadpoology.

However, Daniel Way has aligned himself so closely with the title character over the course of the series that even in a bad plot Deadpool can still be pretty entertaining. Way’s dialogue and colloquial tone give a personable, relevant quality to a character that desperately needs it. Many times writers portray Deadpool as so far gone into the zany zone that it becomes a strain to care about the actions of the story. Although that is a definite sell of the character it can become monotonous. Way has always had a solid grip on achieving the important balance of flair and persona. In this issue, for example, Deadpool has equal moments of madness and ingenuity, both completely in the established range of the character. The issue ends with a surprising emotional moment that hints that our hero won’t walk away from this two issue arc completely unaffected.

The quality of the issue certainly dips when one considers the art. Bong Dazo isn’t without talent, but I’m still not feeling his pencils for Deadpool. Though there is a certain animated style to his panels it is perhaps too much for an already animated book. In the “Nitpick of the Week” Dazo draws Deadpool with black gloves, which in my near decade of reading the characters I’ve never seen. It is a minor character detail, but if you ventured to Comics Bulletin and are reading this review I probably don’t need to explain to you why the minor stuff is important. Between the gloves and the odd hook design across the chest of his costume I was really thrown by his Deadpool. It almost feels as if I’m reading the Ultimate version or something. The panels and framing still work, and the story runs pretty smoothly without confusion, so it’s not a technical issue. Dazo isn’t a bad artist, just not right for Deadpool. Next month Sheldon Vella will be taking up the drawing duties and his style is markedly different, so prepare for that!

A shout out to Dave Johnson for a great cover, and for getting the gloves right! If there is anyone who can pull off word bubbles on the cover its Wade.

“Curse of the Mutants” is over for our man Deadpool. So just wait until next month to check this normally solid on-going out, even if this issue wasn’t all terrible.

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