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Secret Avengers #7

Posted: Friday, December 10, 2010
By: David Pinckney

Ed Brubaker
Mike Deodato, and Rain Beredo (c)
Marvel Comics
Plot: Shang-Chi continues to have daddy troubles as the Secret Avengers set a plan into motion to save their new partner and stop the Hai-Dai from completing their plan.

Comments: The Secret Avengers seem to be able to do one thing very well--get in way over their heads. In the previous issue we left with the Avengers knee deep in a trap that was orchestrated to capture Shang-Chi. The trap is a success but Steve Rogers has a contingency plan just in case such a thing happened. Ant-man, unknown to the rest of the Avengers, is hiding out in Shang-Chi's hair. As you can imagine Shang-Chi is rescued with more or less no problem. It almost felt too smooth. While this was a good issue, everything seemed to play out too well and at times lacked a certain amount of suspense that the comic could have benefited from.

With the exception of a pretty nifty ending (that I won't get into as it is a bit of a spoiler), that's pretty much all that happens. It's pretty simple. The issue is solid and offers entertainment but I can't help but feel like I should have learned a little bit more about everyone's motives.

What was nice about this issue, though, is Brubaker's knack for clean believable dialogue and easy to follow storytelling that lets characters naturally evolve. He really drives home the point that Steve Rogers and Captain America are no longer one in the same and that the Secret Avengers do what's necessary for the greater good even if it meas breaking a whole lot of laws to do so. It is a pretty interesting shift in character for Rogers but it fits perfectly into what this team is about. You won't see a stronger presences of these changes then in this issue.

Final Word: All in all, it was an entertaining issue. If you are a fan of Secret Avengers you won't be disappointed by this issue. While it's not the best, it is in fact good and will sit nicely in your collection.

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