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Lady Mechanika #1

Posted: Thursday, December 9, 2010
By: David Pinckney

Joe Benitez
Joe Benitez, Peter Steigerwald (c)
Aspen Comics
Plot: When another part human, part machine being finds herself dead at a train station, Lady Mechanika sets out for answers about the woman's death and about Lady Mechankia's own creation.

Comments: It's safe to say that overall this is a fun ride. Lady Mechanika dives into a very familiar steampunk world filled with all kinds of interesting characters and settings that really pull the reader in. We see in this first issue the death of this part human, part machine woman after she is being chased down to be captured by an undisclosed group, which we discover later to be an organization named Blackpool. We don't know exactly why this group is hunting down these human-machine hybrids but even with them shrouded in mystery we can get this sense of urgency and a villainous attitude from them that makes the comic have an intense feel to it. The plot almost begins to develop itself just from the introduction of this group. It begins to show opposition and hierarchies that we can bet will be a major part later on in the series.

Lady Mechankia brings herself to the home of a doctor, Charles, for some answers as he was there at the station to pronounce the other human-machine hybrid dead. She doesn't learn much but she does learn of the location of the body of the other human-machine hybrid. Mechankia feels that in some way this other person's death can somehow lead her to figuring out who created her. From here the comic seems to focus more on establishing characters and locations rather then push the story. This is not to say that story stops here, or that it is thin in some respect. Far from it actually. This issues presents itself as more of a drama then an action comic, developing of the characters which is crucial seeing as it is the first issue of the series.

The story in this issue is told fairly well. We do meet several interesting characters that really help shape the world and the overall feel of the comic. Some characters help break up some of the rigid, serious dialogue with some humor and playfulness that is needed and refreshing. The storytelling is also extremely fluid in this first issue. It progress naturally with very little jumping around which makes it an easy read.

The art here is great, something that is expected at this point from Aspen. You can look at these pages for hours on end without reading a single piece of dialogue and still enjoy yourself.

Final Word: In short, this is a great issue. If you haven't picked it up you are missing out on a real treat. If you have picked up this issue, then you are probably anxiously waiting two more months before the next installment. And what a long wait that is gonna feel like.

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