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Structural Integrity #1

Posted: Monday, November 22, 2010
By: Jason Sacks

Benjamin D. Moore
Sean P. Corwin
Wealth of Ideas
A giant jumbo jet crashes in the middle of nowhere. 49 people die and only 5 survive. But only one person walks away from the crash. Zander Fenz was unscathed by the catastrophe. But it seems that his survival was no accident. There's a conspiracy afoot and people are out to get Zander. But who is the evil corporation that is stalking our hero, and why do they hate him so much?

That's the story behind this new self-published comic by Portland's Ben Moore and Sean Corwin. Portland's a center for great and creative comic art, and this comic really fits the Portland ethos. It's unique and entertaining, and presents a fun mystery. If some aspects of the comic seem familiar, that's all good because it gives the reader a good familiar grounding as all the craziness happens in the story.

Moore and Cowin make a smart decision by starting the comic with the plane crash. We all remember the crash in the first episode of Lost and the momentum that that scene gave to the rest of the series. Starting this comic with a big mystery grabs the reader's attention and keeps us involved in the story.

The art is cartoony and loose but definitely does the job of conveying the story well. Throughout this issue, it seemed like Sean Corwin was pushing himself to use new and interesting camera angles in an effort to make the story more dramatic and interesting.

The comic concludes with the line "I'm always at the right place at the right time. Every time. Because I know where the safest place is." That's a nice hook for the next issue and I'm looking forward to where that hook will take me!

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