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Multiplex: Enjoy Your Show

Posted: Wednesday, November 10, 2010
By: Jason Sacks

Gordon McAlpin
Gordon McAlpin
Chase Sequence
Multiplex: Enjoy Your Show is a thoroughly entertaining collection of Gordon McAlpin's fun webcomic. For anyone who's ever spent a lot of time in a movie theatre, or has had the mixed luck of having a job working in a theatre, this book will be very familiar.

As you'd probably imagine, there are a bunch of gags in this book around movies and fans' views of movies. Since most of the strips in this book were created in 2005 and 2006, some of the basis for the jokes are a bit outdated. For instance, there are jokes about The Da Vinci Code, Crank and Star Wars Episode III, among others, which makes the book feel just a little bit dated. The jokes are funny in their way, and I found it especially humorous how the romantic comedies that are mentioned in the book seem so generic. But that does detract a bit from the strips in this book.

But that's all OK, because itís the characters in these stories that make Multiplex really fun. The cast of Multiplex is an always-changing (this is the high-turnover theatre business after all) group of emotional teens and early twenty-somethings finding love, friendship and rivalry in the halls of the multiplex.

It's fun to see how the characters grow and change, and how they all interact with each other. I liked girl-crazed but geeky Jason, who has no game with women. I liked Franklin Onassis, who has mad game with women and loves to show it. Angie the goth girl is awesome, and Devina the college girl is sweet. Then there's Sunny, the good Christian girl who turns out to have a very funny secret.

If you don't recognize you or your friends in any of these characters, you aren't looking very hard. There's lots in this collection for anybody to find familiar, from the weird customers to the crazy workplace romances to the intense boredom of a crappy, dead-end job.

I had a great time enjoying the show at the Multiplex.

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