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Dungeons & Dragons #1

Posted: Thursday, November 4, 2010
By: Gary M. Soldati

John Rogers
Andrea Di Vito, Aburtov and Graphikslava (c), Chris Mowry (l)
IDW Publishing
Plot: The first issue of this series opens with Adric and his party having just returned from an adventure (check out more of that adventure in Dungeons & Dragons #0) with a new addition to their party. Now, while in the town of Fallcrest, Adricís crew find themselves attacked by zombies, wrongfully accused of murdering innocents, pleading for their lives, visited by an old ďfriend,Ē and then attacked by zombies again.

Comments: First , let me state that in the review of this comic, I am severely biased. I play D&D religiously and have a deep affinity for dwarves. I will, however, suspend both of these admissions for what follows.

I thoroughly enjoyed the writing of this issue. The writer did a great job of breathing new life into classic D&D characters, races, and classes. Itís challenging to create a successful group book that allows for shared time between all characters. Each character exudes his traditional traits: the heroic human, the gruff and powerful dwarf, the graceful/deadly elf, the greedy halfling and the scantily clad caster. Pacing and panel use were efficient and no necessary information was left unstated.

The artist captured precise graphics for this setting as well. This was truly an active art sequence--the characters were constantly on guard, detailed without being overdone, and ready for anything from kobolds to beyonders. Trust me folks, living in this world, you gotta be. Despite our commercialized zombie world, this artist really sets a new bar on baby orphan zombies. The coloristís work was strong and consistent; the warlock and wizard magic, the zombies and their crazy magic eyes, and the shadows of the characters and their ever-changing environments were all captured perfectly. Finally, the strong, simple lettering invoked exactly what was anticipated for the reader.

Final Word: Treasured buy.

Before you buy this book, though, go out and buy Dungeons & Dragons #0. You will not be dissatisfied, whether you are a D&D fan or a silly civilian. For you D&D fans, this comic also includes a character sheet for Adric Fell, a 7th Level Human Knight and an adventure to run, which is a sweet bonus. We are very fortunate to have such a strong team on this title. Make the most of it, please.

On a side note, this is a great time to begin or renew your D&D career. Maybe you took some time off for the wedding or to have some little Halflings? Nonetheless, they just rereleased the Red Box, which provides everything you need if you are just starting out. Highly recommended. Enjoy the adventure.

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