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Wynonna Earp: The Yeti Wars #1

Posted: Monday, November 1, 2010
By: Michael Roberts

Beau Smith
Enrique Villagran, Kris Carter (c)
Wynonna Earp: The Yeti Wars has all the great makings of a sci-fi B-movie: animal/men hybrids (think Dr. Moreau), big action scenes, a beautiful woman, and Yeti. The white-furred bigfoot creatures only make a brief appearance in this issue, but they provide plenty to look forward to in issue #2, cleverly named Are We There Yeti?

Wynonna Earp is the U.S. marshal who leads a task force into the animal/men creation factory, and she is a straight-ahead, no-nonsense kind of leader. Earp isn't a weak woman in scanty clothing. She's more like a female version of Walker, Texas Ranger, complete with cowboy boots.

Issue 1 was a lot of fun, and artist Villagran's work on Earp was always spot-on. The character's facial acting always seemed very natural and lifelike, and it truly benefitted the clarity of the overall storytelling of this issue. There are also some surprising moments of humor and quips in the middle of the gun battle that caught me by surprise. As the task force battles the animal hybrids and some "regular" animals that have been tampered with, Earp makes a comment about how angry the PETA is going to be about all of the violence. It's funny because I was just getting that uncomfortable feeling like, "Man, they're killing a lot of animals here. I wonder how people are going to receive that."

The little quips don't always work, and there a few lines of dialogue in the action moments that fell a little flat. The discussion feels informative for the audience than what people are actually likely to say in the given situation. The art also struggled in places. Villagran's work seems best suited to cramming action sequences into normal sized panels, but the layout of the double-page spread and the full-page art felt empty with one notable exception: the final page with the Yeti. (I am pretty sure I'm not spoiling anything here, given that the series name includes the word "Yeti.")

Regardless of my quibbles with minor points, Wynonna Earp: The Yeti Wars is a lot of fun and definitely worth the money.

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