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Artifacts #2

Posted: Tuesday, September 28, 2010
By: Michael Roberts

Ron Marz
Michael Broussard, Rick Basaldua & Joe Weems w/ Sal Regla (i), Sunny Gho (c)
Top Cow Productions
EDITOR's NOTE: Artifacts #2 will be in stores September 29th.

Artifacts is one of the best Top Cow series that Iíve ever read. Not only is it easy for the reader to engage, but the art is simply fantastic. Top Cow has surprised me a couple of times now with their choice in artists and Michael Broussardís pencil work here is amazing. Iíve heard other people compare him to Leinel Yu, though perhaps his linework is a bit cleaner.

I specifically want to take time to compliment the quality of the colors in this book. Issue #2 switches scenes from a basement lit with one light bulb to a luminous angelic throne room to a crime scene in the middle of a park at night. Colorist Sunny Gho tempers the colors accordingly and makes the charactersí energy powers jump out at the reader in the dark environments. I was most impressed by something far more subtle. Sara, the current bearer of the Witchblade, has suffered a terrible loss, and she grieves in this issue. Ghoís color work define when Saraís sorrow is the greatest by how flushed the characterís face is. We see the character deal with the horrible loss and then we notice Sara recovering, slowly returning to her normal skin tone over a progression of panels.

This book is more than pretty. Itís a great story and it lives up to all of the hype from the Top Cow camp. The marketing team has been building up this event as something spectacular and Ron Marz capably demonstrates his mastery of the craft. The story effectively juggles numerous characters without becoming overly convoluted. Ultimately, the end of the issue did not impact me as much as it would readers who are familiar with all of the characters, but I will continue reading this series to see what happens.

If you have ever been curious about the Top Cow universe, Artifacts is the series that you need to read. The book starts with a comprehensive recap page for last monthís issue and the story itself is accessible to new readers. Not enough? Read an origin tale of the Darkness and a section called ďHouse of CardsĒ that introduces and defines several characters.

Final Word: This is a great series for established Top Cow fans as well as for readers ready for something new. Donít miss!

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