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Velocity #2

Posted: Saturday, September 25, 2010
By: Ray Tate

Ron Marz
Kenneth Rocafort, Sunny Gho (c)
Top Cow Productions
Velocity travels to Hunter-Killer Base to find an antidote for the virus wiping out her Cyberforce teammates. The Big Bad also infected Velocity, and now, the clock ticks.

Kenneth Rocafort, whom you may remember from Madame Mirage, illustrates phenomenally in a kind of Kaluta/Manara mash that's eye catching and unique. In addition, his panel layout offers an inventive means to depict Velocity's power--a sort of 3-D double-page splash page set against arrays of smaller multiple panels depicting each of Velocity's moves against an army. Marz introduces a clever flourish in which Hunter-Killer overcomes Velocity, and if H-K, as it is referred confuses you, don't worry. Brief exposition in Velocity's narration informs.

At H-K HQ, Velocity meets their resident science geek. Top marks to Marz for imagining the character as a girl. Their encounter produces much entertaining friction, but in the end, they pool their resources for the greater good. Part of that merger includes a superb application of Velocity's power and intelligence combined. Rocafort sells these scenes as genuinely scientific rather than poorly researched, window dressing. I particularly like that Velocity wears a mask when handling fuming chemicals and her multi-tasking motions, which include super-fast chemical agitation.

When Velocity determines the cure, there is no doubt that she will reach a solution, Marz strengthens her status as a hero in the classic tradition: "If I take the treatment, I'll be incapacitated too, right? I'm the only one who can save everybody else's ass." She may as well have said that phrase with arms akimbo.

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