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Teen Titans #83

Posted: Monday, May 31, 2010
By: Andre Lamar

Felicia D. Henderson
Jose Luis, Mariah Benes (i), Marcelo Maiolo (c)
DC Comics
Raven has been kidnapped to another dimension by the Wyld. Cyborg arranges a couple of scientists, from project Cadmus, to assist the Teen Titans in their search for Raven. Wonder Girl then turns Miss Martian over to the scientists so they can analyze her erratic use of powers and concussion-like symptoms.

Felicia Henderson does well with compartmentalizing the frustration, and difficulty, the Titans are facing. Recapping back to the teamís most recent fight against the Dakota villain Holocaust, its clear the heroes really have their backs against the wall now that Raven is missing. In fact, one of the members is so mentally exhausted by these turn of events that they decide to return home.

The author sprinkles more drama into this script by allowing Superboy and Wonder Girl to address their romantic tension between each other. Furthermore, Hendersonís assertive use of Cassie clearly shows the heroineís capability to lead the team. Wonder Girlís lack of hesitation in assigning the Titans specific duties, in order to rescue Raven, is noteworthy.

Jose Luis and the art staff remain consistent with the respectable artwork this series is known to deliver. Rather than focusing their attention solely on character designs, I appreciate how the artists concentrate on background settings too. The visuals share an even balance of neat penciling and inking, along with vibrant colors.

There wasnít much to dislike about this issue, other than its lack of flair. The story feels routine and appears to be without excitement. This isnít to diminish Felicia Hendersonís ability, but Iíd rather see more conflict. Sheís a talented writer and Iím confident she could accomplish this, while maintaining an easy to follow script.

To conclude, Teen Titans #83 is a straightforward venture with suitable visuals. Although the story could be more captivating, it still remains effective.

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