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Cold Space #2

Posted: Thursday, May 27, 2010
By: Bill Janzen

Samuel L. Jackson & Eric Calderon
Jeremy Rock
BOOM! Studios
What's better than a comic written by Samuel L Jackson? A comic written by and starring Samuel L Jackson! Cold Space is a sci-fi meets Western starring a character named Mulberry, who looks remarkably like the series' main creator and writer. Imagine Han Solo with less morals, more attitude, and without those pesky Luke and Leia characters in his way and you'll have some idea what to look forward to with Cold Space.

In this second issue Mulberry, who has been marooned on a planet in the middle of nowhere, is quickly turning things to his advantage and making enemies on all sides while he does it. Not only do the rival gangs in the town want to take him out, but even the gang he's ingratiated himself into has some thugs who don't like how he's their boss' new favorite.

The art in Cold Space #2 is quite good. It's not the kind that's going to win awards, but Jeremy Rock delivers where it counts. The art is consistently good on each page, there's good use of angles, the action panels have dynamism, and the emotions and expressions of each character are well captured.

Where the issue shines is the writing. Jackson and Calderon have created a town populated by a bunch of seedy and interesting characters and wrapped it all around a character who captures the best of all of Samuel L Jackson's movie roles. While staring down one opponent who is strapped with two handguns Mulberry is clearly unimpressed, saying, "Two guns? Man...I only need one for you."

The only thing you won't find from Jackson's movie roles in this comic is him dropping f-bombs every other word as he has in some movies, but for those comic readers like me whose morals lead them to prefer dialogue of the more PG variety that's definitely a good thing.

I'll be honest here, I just love this comic! It's not a sweeping epic tale, the creators aren't looking to revolutionize the comic industry, but it looks good, it's got some great wit and it's just pure fun to read. Is there a little cheesiness? Sure, but who cares? I just want to see Samuel L Jackson shooting suckers in space and dropping one-liners while he does it. If you haven't been reading Cold Space yet, you'd be doing yourself a favor to start soon.

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