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Batman #699

Posted: Monday, May 17, 2010
By: Travis Walecka

Tony Daniel
Sandu Florea, Tomeau Morey (c)
DC Comics
As if The Return of Bruce Wayne, the debut of Birds of PreyĎs second volume, and the supreme excellence--not to mention return of Joker--that is Morrisonís Batman & Robin werenít enough of a distraction, Tony Danielís Batman ongoing has to deal with the imminent 700th anniversary issue next month. That means wrapping up "Riddle Me This" as soon as possible. Despite how convoluted and rushed everything appears in this issue, Daniel doesnít even bother to conclude the arc. Instead he gives us more, ahem, riddles than answers and itís not as if the art is good enough to save things either.

If Guillem Marchís presence on #698 was met with its share of approvers and doubters (I take more to the former over the latter) that time out, wait until you see Sandu Floreaís transient take on Gotham Cityís lower levels. This cute peas-and-corn style works well with the corner of Sirens is perched in--hello cheesecake fanaticism--but not in the shadowy mists of Grayson Batman and his vengeance since losing that little boy to the hands of Black Maskís cronies one cold morning.

Ever since that undying moment Tony Danielís take on Dick Graysonís dark cowl has been superb. And those unparalleled detective skills donít go to waste in this issue. Thereís just an overabundance of tricks, schemes, cons, and clues that boggle what had been up this point a fantastically-paced title. Meanwhile the repeated interrogations of Firefly, abrasive hocus pocus of Sebastian Blackspell, and Riddlerís ever-gyrating criminal agenda simply wore me down. Hopefully, Daniel will get another chance to resurrect this otherwise promising arc once Morrison does his thing, and, with any luck, draw it too!

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