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Siege: Spider-Man #1

Posted: Tuesday, April 20, 2010
By: Paul Brian McCoy

Brian Reed
Marco Santucci, Chris Sotomayor (colors)
Marvel Comics
Editor's Note: Siege: Spider-Man #1 arrives in stores tomorrow, April 21.

The fourth of the Siege One-Shots hits this week with Brian Reed's Siege: Spider-Man, and it's not bad. Of course, the nature of the beast is that it's not much of a story, instead being more of a brief pause in the general Siege action to focus on a few moments during that ongoing battle.

Brian Reed isn't a stranger to The Amazing Spider-Man, but he's not exactly identified with the character. However, he is identified with Ms. Marvel and also wrote the Dark Reign: Sinister Spider-Man mini, so this comic is really more up his alley than one might expect.

You see, this comic is all about Spider-Man fighting Venom, and then Ms. Marvel shows up to help. The action is smooth and Reed is spot on with the characterizations. We don't get any distractions with sub-plots or second-rate characters popping in.

This is all about Reed's comfort zone. And as such, it's a fun read.

The back and forth between Spidey and Ms. Marvel is natural and we get one or two genuinely surprising twists, with at least one huge WTF moment that I thought was going to lead to something much more serious. At the same time, we get a little insight into just why the Venom symbiote doesn't just jump on the nearest super-hero and enjoy the added power boost.

So, yeah. There's not a lot of story here, but what there is is enjoyable. If you're a Spider-Fan or a Ms. Marvel fan then you probably wouldn't regret picking this up.

On the artistic front, we've got another relative newcomer to Marvel Comics (although he worked on Secret Invasion: Amazing Spider-Man with Reed, and on X-Factor) with the arrival of Marco Santucci. He does a good job with the backgrounds, keeping the action out in the open and amongst the buildings of both Asgard and Broxton. But the real joy of Santucci's art is in the people.

Sure, we're sort of limited to our three main characters, but the combination of Santucci's pencils and inks with Chris Sotomayor's color art is impressive as hell. There are a few moments, particularly with Ms. Marvel towards the end of the book, that are awkwardly framed, but those are small nitpicks on my part.

Overall, this is one good-looking book. And while it's a little short on plot, it's big on character, with a nice little emotional reveal as we get to the end. It's something that might have been hinted at in Ms. Marvel, but I never really read that title, so it's new to me, one way or the other.

I'd put this one almost exactly on par with last week's Siege: Young Avengers as a good time if you're a fan of the characters, but probably not all that essential otherwise. Of course, I'd say only Siege: Loki could be considered "essential" at this point.

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