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Wonder Woman #40

Posted: Monday, February 1, 2010
By: Karyn Pinter

Gail Simone
Aaron Lopresti, Matt Ryan (i), Brad Anderson (c), Travis Lanham (l)
DC Entertainment
Now that the whole battle for Themyscira is over (thank god) Wonder Woman can get back to paying some attention to Washington D.C., which is currently on fire. Also, with the ending, or at least a pleasant and much needed break from, the whole Olympian storyline, Etta Candy (woo!) is out of her coma. But what this issue is really about is the introduction of some really evil kids. Yeah, that's right, evil kids, the sons of Ares, who are out sowing seeds of doubt and disorder in Washington. Judy McJugs Power Girl guest stars.

What a breath of fresh air. Ugh, I thought that whole “Rise of the Olympian” storyline would never end. Really, what did it accomplish? Wonder Woman is right back where she started and the only thing missing is her boyfriend, Tom, who was a bit drippy anyhow. Now we can get to some cool stuff, like Wonder Woman potentially beating up a bunch of Damien wannabes. You know you wanna see the first lady of DC sucker punch a demon child, don't deny it.

In all seriousness though, it's nice to see a monster-of-the-week fight happening in the opening pages of this issue. That's what Wonder Woman is supposed to be doing, protecting the innocents from flesh hungry, giant dragon worms. Loved it. Then the craziness starts to happen. Those demon kids, who are apparently called the Ravens, are really scary. They are straight up copies of Damien from the The Omen. They go around slipping backward thoughts of hatred and doubt into people's minds and the next thing you know some guy has torched a city block. And it doesn't stop at random people on the street. Oh no, the devil children manage to pull Cleavage Girl, err, I mean Power Girl into it and she and Wonder Woman have a tiny skirmish.

But it's not all action all the time. Etta makes her grand re-entrance and we pause to have a small moment of sisterhood, and Steve's there too. Etta reveals a little secret she's been holding from Diana. Maybe it will come into play later, but I don't know. The secret seemed a little far fetched or unnecessary to just throw out there. Gail Simone keeps on doing what's she's always done, it's just that now the story is better.

Art is as it always has been. The cover of the issue really stands out. The muted colors of Wonder Woman contrast against the red and black, and the lasso really pulls you in. Perhaps it's one of the best in a long time. Terry Dodson had a couple of good covers, so you can see how long it's been since one has really made a splash.

I was almost tempted to give this a perfect score simply because there was no mention of Alkyone or Zeus or Achilles, but I have to be fair. Hopefully, Wonder Woman is out of its rut and can get back on the path to greatness once more. Coming up for all you fanboys out there, Wonder Woman has it out with Chesty Majors in a chapter appropriately titled, “Throwdown.” Prepare for a super cat fight.

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