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Batman: the Brave and the Bold #12

Posted: Monday, January 18, 2010
By: Andre Lamar

Landry Walker
Eric Jones
DC Comics
Batman and Adam Strange must save the world on Christmas day.

Itís a snowy Christmas night in Gotham City, and Batman has a petty villain in his possession. Although this is a yearly occurrence for Bruce Wayne, things take a drastic turn once an energy wave transports him to the distant galaxy of Rann. Upon reaching Rann, he realizes fellow hero Adam Strange needs his help to save the world.

Landry Walker establishes a witty and fast-paced script in this issue. Each page features an action sequence, and continues to build momentum. Another strength of Walkerís writing includes his effectiveness in providing humor. For instance, watching Batman utilize bat-spray on an enemy never gets old. As well, thereís a crafty surprise at theend of the story involving Adam Strange.

Eric Jones is on target with the artwork in issue twelve. Interior artwork is a good representation of the same style featured in the cartoon series. One of the most impressive things is how Jones captures similar animations that the cartoon series uses. For instance, thereís a scene in which Batman becomes wary of his surroundings. Adam Strange squints his eyes then remarks, ďYouíre right. Itís TOO quiet.Ē I understand this is a subtle gesture, yet itís truly affective when applied properly.

All in all, issue twelve is a solid issue thatís sure to please fans.

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