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Psylocke #2

Posted: Tuesday, December 8, 2009
By: Karyn Pinter

Chris Yost
Harvey Tolibao, Paul Neary & Sandu Flora (i), Ulises Arreola (c), Joe Sabino (l)
Marvel Comics
Psylocke continues her quest to kill Matsuío, but hits a few speed bumps by the names of Yukio and Fahd Alireza along the way. Wolverine is up to his usual pastimes and everything comes to an explosive end.

Strange, Iím sitting in my living room watching Kill Bill and I just canít get over the similarities between it and Psylocke. Iím waiting for Psylocke to mow through a huge band of ninjas. Not just six or seven, but thirty or so Hand ninjas, and Iím sure that if or when that happens itís going to look outstanding. Harvey Tolibao really leads this comic. I like Chris Yostís writing and I love stories about revenge, but the art work is the strongest point. I again find myself dazzled by the colors and the texturing. There are quite a few explosions in the issue and each one is like a deadly blossom of orange and yellow. Truly, truly, truly, the art is what sells this comic.

Letís touch on the writing. Chris Yost is not a writer I follow, as in I donít rush out to the store and buy whatever title heís working on just because heís writing it. Iíll be honest and say I didnít care much for Red Robin, at least not the few issues I read of it. But to his credit, Chris Yost has me interested in Psylocke, and not just because I adore the character. I am genuinely interested in where the story of Psylockeís revenge is headed. This really seems to be the end of the Psylocke weíve known for so long. Just one body? How are any of us going to cope? Seriously though, what will happen to Betsy? A chapter of her life is going to close forever or so it seems. Will she actually kill Matsuío? If she did it wouldnít be too much of a loss to the Marvel comic world. With the possible end of Matsuío approaching, a new character is introduced: the mysterious Fahd Alireza, a man who causes catastrophic explosions with a thought. He, like Psylocke, is bent on finding Matsuío and exacting his revenge for a dead loved one. Will there be a team up between the protagonist and Fahd Alireza? Or will they battle it out for the rights to the head of Matsuío?

With the addition of a new character, and the Wolverine card still waiting to be played, the final two issues could go anywhere. At this point itís anyoneís guess as to whether or not Psylocke will go through with her plan to kill Bill Matsuío or flake out because of the history they share together. Iíd have to say this is damn near a ďdonít missĒ mini-series. Chris Yost is proving himself worthy of attention with a fun story and heís handling the character well. Combine that with the fantastic art team and youíve got yourself a regular monthly pick up.

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