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WildCATs #14

Posted: Monday, August 31, 2009
By: Andre Lamar

Christos Gage
Shawn Moll, Drew Geraci (i), Carrie Strachan (c)
Wildstorm / DC
The WildCATs and Team 7 devise a plan to defeat Tao. The story begins as Tao and Spartan meet head-on, pummeling one another with forceful energy attacks. After Spartan repels his foe with a mighty blast, Tao preys on Providence and absorbs her power. Team 7 and the WildCATs realize they must sacrifice a teammate in order to prevent themselves from being enslaved by Tao's evil.

For the most part Christos Gage presents a succinct yet comprehensive script, wasting no time in crafting the fight between Spartan and Tao. Gage makes it clear Lynch and company are up against the fight of their lives, as he arranges a plan so the heroes can conquer this mountain. Gage’s writing approach isn’t flashy, and has no deep memorable quotes, but it gets the job done. He makes a reasonable, yet familiar, attempt at portraying Tao as a hardcore villain. He allows this antagonist to disperse insults such as “I do so love allowing opponents a glimmer of hope. It’s something so small, yet so devastating when it’s lost. But I think we’ve exhausted your capacity to amuse me. Time to end.” The goal of a villain is to breakdown the hero, both physically and verbally, with “sticks and stones” remarks. Although Christos Gage ushers in typical “bad guy” dialogue, it would’ve been nice to see him heighten the intensity of his monologues.

Shawn Moll and Carrie Strachan hit the ground running with their illustrations of action-packed panels in this issue. The first half of this story is littered with, eye-catching, ultraviolet charged particles emitting from both Spartan and Tao. The high resolution of the blasts add a flair and intrigue to the story, as if the characters were slugging it out with light sabers.

WildCATs #14 won’t blow your mind but it’s worth a glance if you’re a fan of the series.

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