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Deadpool #14

Posted: Tuesday, August 25, 2009
By: Charles Webb

Daniel Way
Shawn Crystal (p), Lee Loughridge (colors)
Marvel Comics
Editor's Note: Deadpool #14 arrives in stores tomorrow, August 26.

Plot: Deadpool continues his high seas pirate adventure.

Comments: When Deadpool launches a "saw it from a mile away" sneak attack aboard a pirate vessel, the only surprise is that Way doesn't have the off-kilter merc-turned-pirate-turned-hero stage his attack in the nude. It's the sort of tone set by the writer that when the character doesn't go all the way crazy it's a surprise in itself.

In this issue, Deadpool faces off against the pirate crew of Captain Wackbeard (the name is self-evident) who has stolen Deadpool's erstwhile pirate ship which is laden with gold. He proceeds to do very horrible things to the pirates while attempting to figure out the most effective one-liners to use against enemies.

I recently had a conversation with a friend who said that he preferred Deadpool as badass assassin when I told him how much I was enjoying the madcap take on the character. I respect his right to disagree but won't trust his opinion on comedy in the future. Way has taken the character and thrown him into big action with an exclamation point, paying off jokes in between issues (in this case one of the major payoffs comes from Deadpool's purchase of his boat in the last issue and this issue's dispatching of the pirates).

The island excursion ends rather abruptly on a down note. I won't go into it here, but Deadpool's final words and the cover of the next issue kind of pay off on the resolution of the last arc. Deadpool seems to be at the end of his rope on a certain level. He's been a character who – for some time now – has tried to avoid the introspection that the voices in his head so deeply crave. But when things get quiet he's left with his own company (and the voices in his head are especially talkative).

Final Word: Ending on an oddly poignant note, this is another excellent issue of Deadpool in a long line of Way-penned issues.

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