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Cursed Pirate Girl #2

Posted: Saturday, August 15, 2009
By: Karyn Pinter

Jeremy Bastian
Jeremy Bastian
Olympian Publishing
Cursed Pirate Girl is back and continuing her quest to find her father on the Omerta Seas. After being set adrift, she wakes up to find a new friend, Pepperdice the parrot, watching over her. To her delight, she also discovers her right eye is missing. Journeying onward or downward really, Pirate Girl reaches the Wonderland-like Omerta Seas where she encounters swordfish knights and salty pirates who keep their fallen enemies in cages.

The charm of this comic is irresistible. The reason youíll keep reading is because the Cursed Pirate Girl captures your heart. Youíll be taken in by the whimsy of wanting to be a child again, to go on this marvelous adventure battling giant octopuses, swimming with mermaids, and befriending talking parrots. Itís the perfect bedtime story, one that stays with you through the night as you dream yourself into the story.

If itís not Pirate Girlís feisty spirit you fall in love with then it has to be the art. Jeremy Bastian should be considered a master of his craft. Some of the pages in the comic defy words. I could describe them as amazing or brilliant, but I really donít know if there is an appropriate word for the awe inspiring pen and ink work. The art ranges from just simple panels of Pirate Girl sitting in her boat to full pages filled to the gutters with images that you could spend a fair amount of time looking at and still not absorb all the intricate detail in the image. Thereís a double page layout of a pirate ship that exemplifies what Iím talking about. Believe me when I say there are no words to describe it. It truly is the personification of dedication.

Much improved from the first issue is the lettering. Jeremy told me that the drawings are so immense that they tend to overwhelm the lettering balloons. That was a problem in issue #1, but now in issue #2 there seems to be more space to write out the dialog. The additional space is great because we are treated to such gems as, ďAre you trembling at the gruesome sight of the dreadfully deformed Cursed Pirate Girl?Ē

I could just ooze and gush about this comic for days. Itís goodóno, not just good, itís so good. The unfortunate part is that itís hard to find. I got lucky and found issue #1 at my local shop, but for issue #2 I had to go straight to the source and buy from Jeremy at Comic Con. So, if you are at all interested in enjoying the awesome, fantastic, charming, and masterful Cursed Pirate Girl then you will have to talk to your local shop about ordering copies. Moms and Dads please read this to your daughters. I highly, highly recommended it.

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